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Tax Design – Tassou Paraskevi & Associates was founded in 2003 providing accounting and tax services of high standards. After 25 years of experience in the field of accounting and tax services and with the valuable offer of our partners, we are always next to you and your businesses, providing a solution to what concerns you with confidence, reliability and confidentiality

With a view to continuous education and updating our knowledge of the accounting industry, we are always ready to offer our services in matters concerning individuals and businesses and concerning accounting, tax, workforce and insurance, tax and advisory.

With the aim of constantly contact with our customers so that they are always informed about our news  and what's new in the accounting industry, we created our own website. Through you will have the opportunity to follow the progress of our office, but also to request more information about any service you are interested in.

We are always by your side and your business.

Tax Design - Tassou Paraskevi and Associates
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