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New ESPA for tourism businesses is expected in June 16th.

This action is aimed for tourism businesses that affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Support provided in view of the official start of the 2021 tourism season will be provided by providing sufficient liquidity to restart the economic activity of tourism enterprises, through the granting of part of the working capital.

The working capital subsidy is aimed at tourism enterprises of a legal nature. In particular, it concerns hospitality companies of all kinds, tourist agencies, as well as tourist bus companies, whose KAD are included in the detailed invitation.

Submission procedure
The application for funding will be submitted electronically via the State Aid System Platform which can be found at the following link Applications will be assessed in order of priority relating to the date of electronic submission to the State Aid System Platform.

Submit a new application
  • May be made by undertakings whose application has been rejected and which have not lodged an objection.
  • The new application must have been submitted within the deadline for the submission of funding applications.
  • If the undertaking has joined the action, it shall cease to have the right to re-submit.
  • The cancellation of the electronic application for financing by the recipient of the aid (by the declared legal representative of the undertaking) is permitted under the following conditions:
The application for cancellation must have been submitted within an exclusive period of up to 5 working days from the final submission of the application for financing and before the start of this evaluation and up to 10 working days before the closing date for the submission of the applications for financing.

Submission period
From 16/6/2021 to 29/9/2021 (time 17:00)

Type of aid
Grant / Subsidy

Application area
All Greece

€ 350,000,000

350 million Eur 300 million for all regions of the country, which are allocated to EUR 300 million. EUR 50 million for small and medium-sized enterprises and EUR 50 million for small and medium-sized enterprises. EUR 1 million for large enterprises.