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MyData means my Digital Accounting and Tax Application and is the new online platform for the introduction of business e-books by the AADE, as part of the digital transformation of the Tax Administration.

With this new platform, the AADE aims to facilitate the entrepreneur by providing an innovative digital platform to fulfill his tax obligations. In this way you will lead to an automated completion of tax returns and will be relieved of the obligations it currently has such as the submission of Customer -Supplier Statements (MYFs).

There are many advantages for business. Initially they reduce administrative costs and enhance the transparency of transactions through a digital business cooperation environment for the pricing of goods and services. Through myData, credibility between businesses and the tax authority is established, with the immediate consequence of preventing tax evasion and smuggling. Consistent businesses therefore earn by refunding the taxes they are entitled to. 

MyData platform offers easy solutions for all businesses, both for those with computerized accounting and automated data, and for the other companies that will transmit the data through the special registration form on the AADE website.

Of course, the role of the accountant remains important for the correct representation of transactions on the platform.