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Proper accounting of your business is the alpha and omega of proper operation in matters concerning obligations towards audit services but also to the entrepreneur himself who will provide him with useful information for making all important decisions about the development and progress of his business.

We undertake for you the organization of the accounting office with the appropriate IT and computer equipment as well as the finding of the appropriate workforce in case you wish to create your own accounting office within your company. Otherwise, if you do not wish to set up your own accounting office, we are back with you with constant communication in order to ensure proper and effective cooperation.

TaxDesign's team consisting of experienced and fully qualified professionals is close to you every step of the way from the start and setting up of your business and during the development and operation to ensure for you the best possible result in matters concerning your workforce (work & insurance), as well as tax.


Starts - Changes - Interruptions of businesses & companies | Tax returns | Submission of E9 - ENFIA

Labour - Insurance

Issuance of insurance information | Payroll and proof of payment | Staff work tables | OAED programmes

Taxes Services

Civil, Commercial, Tax and Labour Law | File and publication of financial statements | Statutes and agreements establishing, amending, terminating all corporate forms


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